Tools to help you make a complaint

How do I make my complaint?

Our experience tells us that many people feel confident in raising concerns, without independent assistance from an advocate. You may just want to know how the complaint process works for the NHS service you want to complain to. Or you may just want to know who to send your complaint letter to.

This section of website gives you information and self help tools so you to make your complaint yourself.

It includes information about:

  1. How to raise concerns – this is a step by step guide of the complaints process
  2. How to get medical records
  3. Writing a letter of complaint
  4. How to keep track of important information about your complaint
  5. What PALS is and how they can help you
  6. Who is the Health Service Ombudsman and what can they do?

Information Packs

All of this information is available in Easy Read, Large Print and in a number of community languages.

Download the full NHS Complaints Self Help Pack here.  You can also request for an NHS Complaints Self Help Pack to be sent directly to you.

Call our Helpline on 0300 330 5454 or email us at if you decide at any stage that you want to speak to us about your complaint.

Our Helpline team will answer your questions. They can also ask a trained advocate to contact you directly if you want them to.