Michelle’s complaint

“Due to my mild learning disability I already use NHS services, at the age of 16. I have appreciated the support of an advocate at my case review meetings. However at one of these meetings I had not liked the way I was spoken to by one of the professionals. It felt like he was shouting at me because I was doing something wrong. After I discussed my options with my advocate I decided to write the professional a letter explaining how he made me feel and requesting a different approach at the next meeting. I told my advocate what I wanted to say in the letter and ensured we sent a copy to the Social Worker involved.

I was a bit anxious before the next meeting, but as it was the professional had taken the content of the letter into account and spoke to me in a way that I could feel appreciated and respected.

I was very happy with the effect that my letter and speaking up for myself had, and this has made me more confident at self advocating.”


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