Josephine’s Complaint

“I contacted VoiceAbility’s advocacy service when I became unhappy with the treatment my husband Isaac received at our local hospital.

Isaac was admitted to hospital because of severe back pains. I became concerned because I realised the ward staff did not know how to care for him because he had dementia and they would not listen to my suggestions. Due to this he refused to take his medication so his dementia worsened. When he was discharged to a care home I sought help from VoiceAbility as I wanted to raise my concerns but I did not know how to do this. My advocate explained my options and I chose for us to write a letter of complaint.

The swift letter of response I received from the Trust acknowledged the issues I raised and addressed the resolution I was seeking. Their letter said that they would be training the staff on working with patients with dementia and additionally using a refurbished ward for patients with dementia. I am so glad that by raising my concerns care for people with dementia while they are in the hospital will improve.”


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