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How NHS Complaints Advocacy has helped

The stories you can read below gives you examples of how NHS Complaints Advocates can help you with your complaint issue:

*Names are changed to protect identities.

If you want to talk to us about your complaint, you can all our NHS Complaints Advocacy Helpline on 0300 330 5454 or email us on



What issues can I complain to the NHS about?

People can complain about any aspect of NHS care and services. A complaint might be about:

Treatment or care     |     Attitude of staff     |     Poor communication     |     Waiting times           Lack of information     |     Failure to diagnose a condition     |     Unavoidable harm or death

Making a complaint will not affect any future treatment or care you receive. Raising concerns can help the NHS to improve their services.

Some examples of complaints made include:

  • a patient did not get the support they needed following discharge from hospital because of the lack of communication between the hospital and social care services
  • a patient felt that the nurse had treated him without respect
  • a patient was given incorrect information about a medical procedure and suffered a lot of pain as a result

What can I achieve by making my complaint?

People make complaints for many different reasons. You may just want acknowledgement of the issues you’ve raised and an apology, you may want more involvement in your future care or treatment,  or you may want to see changes to the service so that no one else has to go through a similar experience.

For many people making a complaint about the NHS is very challenging. In times of distress, particularly when your health, or that of a loved on is at stake, the situation can be overwhelming.

Our NHS Complaints Advocacy Service supports people individually, independently and confidentially to help people get the resolution you need.