NHS Complaints Advocacy – A background

The NHS Complaints Advocacy services are commissioned locally, either by each local authority, or, in some regions, by local authority consortia.

The service is to provide support to people who want to make an NHS complaint, and need some support to do this, from receiving a self help pack, information and options with their complaint, or depending on their needs, support from an advocate to be able to make their complaint.

People who choose to use the service will find trained professionals whose role it is to help them get a resolution to their complaint. All staff have been trained and have experience of supporting people through the NHS Complaints Procedure.

The NHS Complaints Advocacy Service started in April 2013, and replaces the previous Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS), which provided support to people wishing to make a complaint about the NHS. This service was centrally commissioned by the Department of Health on a regional basis.