How To Make A Complaint About A Private Health Service

complain about a private health serviceIf the NHS paid for your treatment through a private provider then you can complain to the NHS.

If you paid for your treatment yourself, or had treatment paid for through private medical insurance, you cannot complain through the NHS complaints procedure.

Private hospitals, healthcare providers and care homes will have their own complaints procedure that you should follow. Our Self-Help tools will help you to think through what you want to complain about and what you want to achieve by making your complaint.

If you have concerns about treatment that you have received from a private dental service, you can contact the Dental Complaints Service.  You can call the Dental Complaints Service on 08456 120 540 (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm), or fill out the complaint form on their website.

The General Dental Council funds this service and regulates all dental services in the UK within their agreed code of conduct.