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Every NHS Trust has as Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). PALS were set up to help patients, relatives and carers, to find a speedy resolution to any problems you may have whilst using the Trust’s services.

PALS staff will listen to your questions or concerns and try to resolve them directly or will talk to NHS staff to get the answers you need.

PALS staff:

  •  are a point of contact who want information or advice about the Trust’s services
  • will give you information if you have queries or difficulties
  • listen to your concerns and help you to resolve them
  • provide you with information about how to complain about your NHS service if your issues can not resolved in the service
  • give you information about other organisations that are independent of the NHS if you need them
  • will listen to what you tell them will help to improve the service from the hospital and offer to patients

PALS has a role to play in making improvements within the NHS. They report back to NHS Trusts and monitoring bodies about problems with services that need to be addressed and with suggestions for change where improvements could be put in place.

You can find your local PALS team by searching on the NHS Choices website.

What’s the difference between PALS and the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service?

PALS and the NHS Complaints Advocacy service work closely together to try to resolve a complaint quickly and to your satisfaction. It is always your choice which service you prefer to use.

Both PALS and the NHS Complaints Advocacy service will refer you on to each other if it is more appropriate that you use the other service and if the patient consents to this course of action.

NHS Complaints Advocacy

  • Is independent, therefore not answerable to the NHS.
  • Will support you to voice your concerns.
  • Covers concerns about all NHS services and NHS funded healthcare.
  • Will support you throughout the whole complaints process.


  • Staff are NHS employees.
  • Covers concerns about an individual NHS Trust’s services.
  • Will support you to achieve a local resolution to your concerns.